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Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran

Originally I am from Germany living on Maui since 1995. I consider myself a world citizen and love the international community of aloha spirit here.

I have been an astrologer, jeweler and author with a deep spiritual orientation for over 30 years. All my life I have been interested in healing and human growth, learning how we can emerge into a more balanced and awakened state of consciousness in order to live a fuller and more joyful life! On my blog I will share with you astrological insights, tools, and inspirations that will help brighten your life and align you more fully with the universal flow. I am looking forward to your comments and will answer any questions you might have!

Aloha and many blessings!

Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran

Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran
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The Inner Journey into the Mystery of YOU

I promise I will help you to make sense out of your chart. It is a fun and very enlightening process to find out who you are, what your true potential is and where you are going (transits). Let me help you to find more meaning in your life, set new priorities and understand "what the heck is going on."

artwork by Hana Christy Steinberg
See more of the fabulous art of my friend Hana Christy Steinberg

Evolutionary Astrology Readings with Shakti

Astrology is an old science as well as an art. To really reap all the benefits astrology is offering I highly recommend having a reading of your astrological birth chart with a professional astrologer you like.

My approach to astrology is what we call Evolutionary Astrology. I first look into the psychodynamic structures of your chart and then into the karmic background and the implications for your soul's journey. This is beautiful and deeply meaningful work and will leave you with clarity and better choices for difficult areas of your life. And it will enrich you with a stronger self expression of your talents and potentials.

I offer readings for:
. Natal chart (your birth chart)
. Actual time readings (solar, transits, progressions and solar arcs)
. Relocation chart and Astro Cartography (adjusting to the place you live or want to move to)
. Relationship readings (composite and Synastry)

If you want to have an astrological coaching session with me, I love to do that on Skype which is almost as good as in person:
• A reading will take about 2 hours and the cost is $165.
• You will get your chart emailed to you
• You will get an MP3 recording from the session

I am looking forward to hear from you to set up an appointment or if you have any questions please email me or call 808- 878 8182 - and remember I am on Hawaiian Time (-2 or -3 hours PST)

What are Signs, Planets & Houses?
The astrological signs are representing the universal forces and how they play out in our lives. To get a general understanding about the basic astrological principles and how they all work together I like to use the analogy of a theater play being performed. The play has a specific theme which is enacted upon depending on the characters of the ensemble of actors.

As a person we have all these different inner voices, needs or parts in our psychological make- up, which want to be expressed in our life. In astrology we name these different parts with planetary names. You could also see these as the actors of your life’s play. They are the ones who determine what kind of play it will turn out to be: a drama, a mystery or a comedy.

The actors are the planets and depending on the astrological signs they are they will be very different in their expression. That expression will also depend on the houses the planets are in. The houses are the stage set and depict where in which environment or circumstances the players have to act.

In short:
• A planet is like a character in a play, with its own personality traits.
• A sign is the theme of the play that the characters have to work with.
• A house is the stage on which the play is performed and how we do things.
• An aspect shows how the characters get along with each other.

The Astrological Rising Sign
The astrological rising sign or ascendant is the sign rising in the eastern horizon in the moment of the birth. It represents the potential you bring with you into this life and will be implemented more and more throughout your lifetime. We say the astrological rising sign rules the first house and sets the tone for the enfoldment of the chart. Every planet in the first house or close to the rising sign plays an important role and needs to find an expression in your life.

Virgo Rising
Take for example Virgo rising. If you have Virgo rising you have a potentially great sense for details and putting things in order. You will learn more and more throughout your life how to organize yourself in your mind as well as your environment. Virgos are 'pack rats' and like to accumulate items they might 'use some day'. Virgos never travel light because they like to be prepared for the unexpected.

You might be interested in a healthy lifestyle and probably gain experience with different choices of diets over your life time. You might become involved in different healing modalities as a practitioner or client. The themes of healing, diet and health, organizational structures and their details will accompany you all your life and evolve through an ever deepening process.

A Start
You can get started on your own with my astrology book Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery. In the book I teach you the basic astrological principles, how to find the main themes in your life and how to balance yourself with your true birthstones in the areas of friction and tension resulting in a personal power piece of jewelry.

Or we can just email your profile Astrology Matches - Gemstones for the Soul to you. Your profile includes descriptions of about 12 stones which are your true birthstones, your main healing and most important gemstones. It will contain 12 to 20 pages of information tailored to your individual astrological signs and how they are positioned in your birth chart. That information will serve as an excellent foundation for you to find or create your own Jewelry for the Soul.

I am looking forward to hear from you

Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran