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Sun in Libra Astrology Teachings: An Astrological Video Forecast

Friday, August 30th, 2013
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Sun in Libra Astrology Forecast for September/ October 2013 will give you practical suggestions how to adjust with the energies of the stars this month. For a more individualized approach and use of astrology you can get your own astrology reading at

But even just to know the general heavenly forces at work for the coming month will help you to become more attuned and knowledgeable about who you are in the dynamics of the celestial forces and how to use them.
The Sun in Libra horoscope forecast is describing how to flow with the creative forces of the universe.
Online Astrology Classes for Beginners
• If you really want to start learning astrology with Shakti you can do that with

I will be teaching online astrology classes for beginners where I will teach you about the signs, planets and houses and how it all comes together in your birth chart. These will be live webinars in small groups to give each participant enough personal attention.

Astrology can be a spiritual journey and a wisdom path. Learning astrology to get to know yourself more deeply or to embark on a new career can both be very valuable for your own inner spiritual growth and maybe help you to be a stronger force for good in the world.

Let me know if you are interested because space is limited and I will send you more information about the particularities.

I will be talking about the HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH:

• The autumnal equinox with
• Sun Moving into Libra September 22
• Saturn & Venus conjoin the North Node September 18
• Pluto goes direct September 20
• New Moon in Virgo September 5
• Full Moon in Pisces September 19

I will teach you how to be with the universal energies in the best, most successful way. It is all about how to ride the cosmic wave… how to set your intentions for more fun & joy…

Make sure you sign you up for subscriptions for regular astrological updates and forecasts. I am also planning to do a class for astrology for beginners, please let me know if that is of interest for you.

Or head over to my website
for personal readings of your birth chart, relationship readings, parenting support & forecast readings…& get prepared optimally… As you know a 100 % preparation is a 100 % success in life!

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A Virgo New Moon September 15 & Aries Full Moon September 29, 2012

Saturday, September 1st, 2012
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Moon Reflections & More for September 2012 by Shakti Carola Navran

“I am a legend”, stated Jamaican Usain BOLT, the fastest man in the history of the world, at the Olympics just a few days ago. “I came here to be a legend!” Just how much self- confidence is needed to accomplish the unimaginable?

August was a month of strong, creative Leo and fiery Mars energies, a time to engage all your resources to make your dreams come true. It was a time to step up, to focus and discipline your efforts in order to gain success and the fulfillment of your dreams. For the Olympic warriors of both genders it was the culmination of a lifetime of self discipline and preparation in order to be their personal best and the world’s best athletes.

I loved to watch the games, sitting with my husband in front of the TV for many hours in perpetual awe. There is something so infectious and inspiring watching these young men and women give their all. I feel inspired to apply myself the same way in my own life, towards my own dreams and goals! I commit myself anew to strive for my personal best. I feel newly inspired to get very clear in which area of my life I need to run like BOLT.

For me it means to exercise 5 times a week and take care for my physical well-being through an outstanding diet! I finally signed up at the Haiku Gym.
What is it for you?

Pisces Full Moon August 31

Even if this Full Moon happened at the end of August, half of its waning will be in September. In the sign of Pisces, this Full Moon invites you to be the Mystic, the poet and the dreamer. We become more open for the non-physical dimensions to penetrate our lives. Allow yourself to be inspired and up-lifted to your highest vision of who you can be. Every legend starts with a dream which seems to be impossible in the beginning.

New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon illuminates how far you have come in your journey and dreams and gives you a new start. Mercury in its own sign Virgo conjoins the New Moon Sept 20 and forms an exact t-square with Uranus and Pluto.

Shortly after the New Moon, Pluto turns direct on Sept 17. The archetypal energy for change intensifies with Uranus joining the exact square on Sept 19 for the second time. A similar energy was presented to us in the Sixties with the anti-war and civil rights movements, the “flower power” of the young generation, the questioning of establishment, the interest in spirituality, the first landing on the Moon, China’s Cultural Revolution, the success of feminism and the beginning of the internet.

There is a lot for our minds to digest and Virgo’s critical eyes roam over the dysfunctions in order to figure out the high road to take. I expect things to heat up as never before preceding the presidential election.

Full Moon in Aries
This is a very “hot” Full Moon in Aries, the sign of the warrior and new beginnings. The square to Pluto and conjunction of Uranus with the Full Moon will shake us up and make our ears ring.

There is urgency in the air and thoughts of fatalism and defeat won’t hold us back any longer. We are in the middle of an amazing time! You will be looking back at this decade as the time of a new dawn for Humankind. Tremendous changes in history have always been carried forward by individuals who were listening to their dreams and visions.

And the stronger the support we can give each other in our community, circle of friends and family, the  easier and more fun the ride will be. These are the times to have high expectations and for legends to be made…

Shakti Carola Navran evolutionary astrologer, blogger and published author: “I have been giving astrological readings professionally for 34 years now. I love to do this work! Looking at a chart through the evolutionary perspective of the soul adds a deeply meaningful and significant perception of yourself in your life, giving you better choices to align yourself with the current cosmic flow.

  • Call me at 808 878–8182 Hawaiian Time.
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Living Your Sun Sign—Astrological Predictions for December 2011

Thursday, December 1st, 2011
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Most of December the Sun and Mercury will be in Sagittarius and they will raise questions about the objectivity of your belief systems and ideologies. The simplest answer should be that whatever works for the greater good for the many, is a path worth walking. Sagittarian optimism and gracious openness for adventure and higher perspectives will guide you. Mercury retrograde is as usual straining our patience with hang-ups in communications and electronic devices, but it will go direct Dec 13. Tune in to your message from the stars and your role:

Aries (March 21 to April 20)

Adventure or meaningful pilgrimage is on your menu. Or you could decide to sign up for some classes at MCC and deepen your education. How about that computer class you have wanted to do for a while now?

Taurus (April 21 to May 21)

Playing the lottery could be successful for you this coming year, believe it or not. After all, you have to make yourself available for the abundance the universe has to offer to you. Ask yourself the question: Where have you underestimated yourself?

Gemini (May 22 to June 21)

You are good with communication to begin with but now you really want to go to another level with your loved ones and friends. You can have deeply meaningful conversations with people close to you or even with new friends to be.

Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

You need to take a deeper look at how you are earning your living. How satisfying is the work you are doing? How can you be of service for more people and truly make a difference? Express your opinions… no holding back for you!

Leo (July 23 to Aug 22)

Wow! You have so much energy, so many projects, ideas and fiery passion going on this month, it might be just exhausting to watch you rip through them. Make sure to eat well and get some sleep. Center stage for you and huge successes!

Virgo (Aug 23 to Sept 22)

You probably will do some traveling to see family or loved ones for Christmas. Expect fun and high energy! Be expressive with your true feelings and share your love freely.

Libra (Sept 23 to Oct 22)

Honest communication is on for you but you might expect some misunderstandings till Mercury goes direct again in the middle of December. It is important for you to make a stand with your opinion and inner truth no matter what. Trust yourself!

Scorpio (Oct 23 to Nov 22)

Money, money, money… is happening for you and opportunities are shaping up. Jupiter opposing your sign could be beneficial for fortunes and good luck if you find ways to channel the energy. Learn more about the art of investments… gold, silver, oil… all the riches from the inner earth.

Sagittarius (Nov 23 to Dec 20)

You are a happy camper in your own element. No holding back! You will have to sharpen your decision making skills and take some risks outside your usual comfort zone. Play big!

Capricorn (Dec 21 to Jan 19)

You need some time on your own with the space for solitude and meditation. A meditation retreat would be wonderful to re-evaluate and make new plans for the next year. But be careful not to isolate yourself into loneliness. Balance is your ticket!

Aquarius (Jan 20 to Feb 18)

Revolutionary ideas will help ready yourself for a quantum leap into a new level of consciousness. Finding new like-minded friends will be helpful and inspiring. Expect more of the unexpected right now. You are in for a wild ride!

Pisces (Feb 19 to Mar 20)

Your mission this month is to be heard and seen in a more public role, maybe as a speaker or somebody with a message. You could start to feel more comfortable with speaking through checking out Toastmasters and you can even learn to enjoy being the center of attention.


Shakti Carola Navran is an evolutionary astrologer, jeweler, and published author: “I have been giving astrological readings professionally for 33 years now and I love to do this work. To look at a chart through the evolutionary perspective of the soul adds a deeply meaningful and significant perception of yourself and your activities in your life. I believe that a higher perspective will always give you better choices to align yourself with the current cosmic flow and helps you riding the wave more joyfully.

I am available for individual consultations. Just give me a call at 808 878–8182 or email me.”

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Living Your Sun Sign—Astrological Predictions for November 2011

Monday, November 7th, 2011
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If you haven’t had the chance to come to my astrological forecast for November and New Moon presentation you now can watch me on YouTube…oh my God…
This is the first time I have been seeing myself on Video and I am so not used to myself that way…

But I am sure you will enjoy the talk which I broke up into two parts A and B. Go to YouTube and tell me what you think!

The question as always is:
What fruits do you want the next month to bear for you? How can you align yourself with the cosmic forces for more harmony, balance and joy in your life? How can you ride the wave successfully? We will look at the sign of the New Moon in relation to your personal Sun sign which will give you insight and a higher perspective onto what is happening in the stars and your emotional responses.

Throughout most of November we will have 4 planets in Scorpio. That will raise the stakes to a “no nonsense” kind of attitude and it will show on the streets. Scorpio is intense, interested in the raw truth; revealing shadows and dark secrets. I would assume that we are not done with protests. We are just at the beginning of a massive uprising of people “who just have had it!” Grass root movements and the public pressure for real changes are getting stronger. Tune in to your message from the stars and your role:

Aries (March 21 to April 20)
You feel impatient and easily triggered into reaction or action. There is a revolutionary spirit in you waiting to break free. Make sure to find appropriate ways to express your energies and be cautious of acting out.

Taurus (April 21 to May 21)
There is some work to be done in your relationships. Be truthful about your inner needs for safety, reliability, and loyalty. Allow your partner to see you more completely and naked; invite a new dimension of honesty into your relationships.

Gemini (May 22 to June 21)
You need to take particular care for your well-being and health this month. Self-care with the emphasis on discovering new and transformative ways should be in the foreground. This is a good time for a series of colon cleanses and adjustments in your diet.

Cancer (June 22 to July 22)
It is all about the right relationship with love, pleasure and fun. Finding your true self-expression will have a lot to do with your willingness to take a risk and step out of your protective cocoon and connect with others.

Leo (July 23 to Aug 22)
Who is allowed access to your castle – your inner world? And how deep and how far can you let that happen? Transformation and renewal of your bonds with your family and loved ones can happen after you take an honest look at the situation.

Virgo (Aug 23 to Sept 22)
Be careful not to be carried away by self-criticism and negativity. There is a difference between honest self-inquiry or indulging into a negative attitude towards yourself and towards the world.

Libra (Sept 23 to Oct 22)
Your longing for love and harmony needs to be tempered by the ability to discriminate and choose the right partner for you. What do you need to feel good about yourself? Find your own strength and resources first.

Scorpio (Oct 23 to Nov 22)
You will find the Scorpion intensity this month utterly familiar. You have the ability to help others through your guidance and experience in those choppy waters. You are asked to step into your leadership capabilities and discover your personal power more deeply.

Sagittarius (Nov 23 to Dec 20)
The inner and the outer journey need to align for you right now. A pilgrimage or a night in the Haleakala Crater will guide you towards a new and bigger vision for your life. Meditation and contemplation are useful tools for you.

Capricorn (Dec 21 to Jan 19)
You are learning so much about yourself these days with Pluto in your sign. This month’s lesson is to find like minded souls, your tribe and learn to share your responsibilities. Open yourself for new friends and companions on your journey of deep inner transformation.

Aquarius (Jan 20 to Feb 18)
Your innovative spirit needs to show up for a worthwhile mission. You are a role model and rebel because you are carrying the archetype of revolution and freedom of conventions. Take your place in your community and share your zany perspective.

Pisces (Feb 19 to Mar 20)
Chiron, the wounded healer has entered your sign and invites you to do some deep inner work and healing in areas which have been deeply unconscious till now. You will come to understand some deep inner dimensions of your psyche for the next step in your evolution.

Shakti Carola Navran is an evolutionary astrologer, jeweler, and published author: “I have been giving astrological readings professionally for 33 years now and I love to do this work. To look at a chart through the evolutionary perspective of the soul adds a deeply meaningful and significant perception of yourself and your activities in your life. I believe that a higher perspective will always give you better choices to align yourself with the current cosmic flow and helps you riding the wave more joyfully. I am available for individual consultations.

  • Just give me a call at 808 878–8182 Hawaiian Time or email me.”


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Living Your Sun Sign—Astrological Predictions for September 2011

Monday, August 29th, 2011
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Having the economy crashing all around you is scary and frightening. The “right action” you can take is living within your means by creating a budget and taking a good, deep look at your financial situation. It will give you a ground to stand on and you will sleep better at night. A sense of more safety and control over your life will be the result. Tune in to your message from the stars:

Aries (March 21 to April 20)
Uranus, the god of lightning and earth quakes shakes up your life. The chance of finding yourself in rapidly changing circumstances is great. Pay attention to details at your work place, reorganize and take inventory of who you are and what you have to offer to others.

Taurus (April 21 to May 21)
You will be gifted by opportunities and luck in material matters. You begin to express yourself more genuinely and you have a mission to complete. There is fertile ground for you to spread your seeds and to watch them grow.

Gemini (May 22 to June 21)
Your ruler, Mercury is moving forward again with enthusiasm and vigor. New perspectives and unconventional approaches are available to you. Your inner life is rich and your feelings can guide you effectively. Make time for your family!

Cancer (June 22 to July 22)
You need to be deeply honest with yourself and others. Finding your voice and sticking to your own code of honor will deepen your ability to communicate with clarity. You have a message to give, tempered with love and appreciation.

Leo (July 23 to Aug 22)
Patience and a step by step implementation of your ideas will help you to reap rewards in the public eye. You will benefit financially by concrete planning and employing organizational virtues. Get to work!

Virgo (Aug 23 to Sept 22)
That inner voice can be a relentless critic, damaging your self- esteem; or it can be turned into a mentor and editor helping you to self- actualize your potential. Inner balance is found in the here and now where your personal power lies.

Libra (Sept 23 to Oct 22)
You might need more solitude and time for yourself than usual. You are nourished by the infinite wisdom of the spiritual realm. The Autumnal Equinox invites you to feel deeply grateful and celebrate love and harmony.

Scorpio (Oct 23 to Nov 22)
Finding your tribe and people you share common beliefs and goals with will enhance your well-being. Long term planning will shape your future the way your vision guides you. A coach could help you to move consciously into the right direction.

Sagittarius (Nov 23 to Dec 20)
Public recognition is in the future for you if you show up with an attitude of service and common sense. Your career and your ambitions are in the foreground for you and need your attention. One hundred percent preparedness equals one hundred percent success.

Capricorn (Dec 21 to Jan 19)
Pluto, the god of hell and nightmares in Capricorn, is still wreaking havoc with our economy and sense of stability. New beliefs, insights and a higher perspective pave the way to a possible transformation. You are personally asked to contribute to the whole.

Aquarius (Jan 20 to Feb 18)
You need solid inner ground in order to allow deep intimacy and bonding into your life. When you have faith in your own inner goodness, you then can learn to trust life and the other as a reflection of that.

Pisces (Feb 19 to Mar 20)
Share your time of contemplation and meditation with others this month. Prayer circles are of immense power and can move mountains and heal the sick. Dancing your prayers in the Studio Maui with a group of people can be a powerful way to lift up your consciousness and be helpful for others.

Shakti Carola Navran is an evolutionary astrologer, jeweler, and published author: “I have been giving astrological readings professionally for 33 years now and I love to do this work. To look at a chart through the evolutionary perspective of the soul adds a deeply meaningful and significant perception of yourself and your activities in your life. I believe that a higher perspective will always give you better choices to align yourself with the current cosmic flow and helps you riding the wave more joyfully. I am available for individual consultations. Just give me a call at  878–8182 or email me.”

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Astrological Forecast for August 2011 With Mercury Retrograde & Neptune Backing Into Aquarius

Monday, August 1st, 2011
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How many thoughts have you been spending lately on things which are really essential for your soul and your happiness? Are you taking time out of your busy life to contemplate or just sit in your garden, in the park and smell the roses? How overwhelmed and caught up do you feel in things which need to get done like answering your emails or tending to the endless list of tasks? Working your way through life by checking off your to do lists is not only ineffective but also highly dis-satisfying.

Tony Robbins talks about the “Zone” where we get truly creative with solution oriented thinking and where we create the future of our dreams. The “Zone” as I understand it is that inner space of presence we are visiting when we slow down our monkey mind. It is that inner connection to the divine spirit, eternal wisdom and endless possibilities of creation you partake in when you meditate or find other ways to slow down your thinking.

When we are in the “Zone” we feel relaxed and balanced and this is reflected in the brain. While the left brain is attributed to the rational and logical thought, the right brain is thought of as the seat of a more holistic, creative perception of life. Most of us are unbalanced in the hemispheres and as a result tend to perceive the world through an innate duality. As a result we experience ourselves as stressed, separate from others and often struggling and in opposition with the world.

When we meditate both hemispheres are more connected and we will feel more emotional balanced, love, happiness, creativity and secure in life. Now you are probably wondering what the left or right brain has to do with this month astrological overview?

The answer is that I believe that August is a good time for you to go more inwards with Mercury retrograde and use it for your advantage. There is a right time for everything in life. But to know “when is the right timing for what” you find an excellent tool with astrology because it sheds light onto the time quality of any given moment. The time quality of any moment can be seen as a seedling ready to burst out of his shell and grow into some form of manifestation. If the seed is that of a tomato plant you will get a tomato and you wouldn’t expect it to turn out as an avocado tree, right?

This month highlights are:

•    Mercury retrograde August 2 till August 26
•    Mars enters Cancer August 3
•    Neptune backs into Aquarius August 4
•    Mars square to Uranus and opposition with Pluto August 9
•    Full Moon in Aquarius August 13
•    Sun Venus Mercury in Leo conjunction August 16
•    Mars square to Saturn August 25
•    New Moon in Virgo August 28-29
•    Jupiter retrograde into Taurus August 30

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Many people focus on the negative aspects of retrograde Mercury with misunderstandings in communications, missed airplanes and trouble with their electrical equipments and computers. Everything in the area of connection through mail, email and words seems to take more effort than usual to happen.

As an alternative to struggling you could shift your focus more inwards and use this month to take steps to put your life into order in areas of your health, your finances and your self-organization. It is a good time with Mercury in Virgo to sift through the details of your life. You might want to make a budget and see where your expenses really are and how they relate to your income. You could put your desk and office into order and establish a new system of order.

You could clean up that garage or make a pass through your house. In Feng Shui cluttered homes are not thought as supportive for your energetic flow in general. How can you expect clarity in your thinking or inner balance if you have all these energetically dead areas with stuff never looked at or used sitting around in your home?

But most of all it is so satisfying to rip the piles out of your closet and sift through the accumulated clutter. I have already started on my book closet which has 5 deep, heavily piled shelves with books with no space for anything more. I love my books and they have a tendency to pile up. I hope it will get better down the road since I own a KINDLE now. I am already done with 2 shelves and have started to give away books to my friends and in the end the rest will go to the library.

You could put your thoughts in order by processing them by picking up the practice of writing regularly in a journal. You will be surprised how much more clarity about who you are, what you want and how you get there will arise. There is a wonderful book out from Julia Cameron called “The Right to Write” which is very inspiring to really take that time for yourself and contemplate.

Get into your “Zone”!

Neptune Backs into Aquarius August 4

Neptune will be in Aquarius one last time before he floats into Pisces for good in February 3, 2012. Neptune in Aquarius is concluding his journey through the sign and with it our perspective on religion has changed. There is a certain dryness and dissatisfaction many people are feeling with the organized religions which prepares us for a more direct inner connection with the divine with Neptune moving into Pisces.

Throughout history when Neptune was in Pisces there was a spiritual renaissance and new religions like Christianity spreading like a wild fire through the East or Buddhism reaching China from India.

We will be offered the gift of compassion and a sense of oneness which will help with the rough journey we are on right now. Turning to each other for support, advice, help and love is a smart way to deal with lives challenges.

Mars Square to Uranus and Opposition with Pluto August 9

That is a pretty explosive combination with Mars the warrior battling Uranus the God of lightening, the unexpected and revolution as well as Pluto the God of hell and the underworld. More earth quakes, tension and sudden explosions of violence in the political problem zones like the Middle East might be a result.

The question you may ask yourself is how do you deal with your own anger and righteousness? Deep unconscious emotions might surface with Mars in Cancer. Put on your seat belt.

Full Moon in Aquarius August 13

The Full Moon shines her light onto your long term visions and how you feel about them. The Moon in Aquarius tends to give you some distance to your emotions and therefore some choice how you want to deal with them.

Remember that your feelings are the most crucial part in determining where you are on your journey to the fulfillment of your dreams and desires. If you feel good and uplifted things just fall in place for you and the universe responds to your spoken and unspoken desires with coincidences and lucky chances.

Sun Venus Mercury Conjunction in Leo August 16

This is in opposition to the Full Moon and here you have juicy, creative, buzzing and expressive energy running through your circuits. A river of fullness, love and abundance and with it the ability to see the glass half full with squeezed lemon juice is available to you if you let go and let the current take you.

Mars Square to Saturn August 25

Saturn is trying to control and contain the Mars warrior energy. We have to see how successful that will be.

New Moon in Virgo August 28-29

We will start another round of the Moon with her lunar cycle through the zodiac. The sign of the New Moon sets the tone for the evolution of our inner journey we do emotionally throughout the month. You might start out to feel very sober and rational with the pragmatic realism of Virgo. Virgo is the sign most concerned with efficiency, analysis and the details of life. Virgos aspire to serve, be useful and impeccable in their demeanor. Moving through the month you have the chance to feel more self-esteem and self-value and hopefully less self-critical. This New Moon will trine with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus which helps to pinpoint what no longer works and how you can make changes.

Again it is a good time to sit with your journal and do some creative re-visioning and redesigning in the areas of your health, your finances and how you can contribute with your particular set of skills to the world. What are you good at? How can you be a force for good in life? Where are your love and your passion?

Jupiter Retrograde into Taurus August 30

If you have not done your budget yet now is the time to curb your spending without awareness. If you have an overview over your expenses and you know where the money goes you have choices to decide what is really important for you and where you might want to be more conservatively spending.

However these transiting planets fit into your personal horoscope they will activate specific areas and your experience of your life. You might want to get some expert helping you to make more sense out of it.

Astrology should always have the goal to enhance your awareness, empower you and give you better choices for your life. You are moving into the “Zone” and with a higher perspective onto your problems and challenges you can turn your attention to the higher potential and move more gently along with your soul’s purpose. It will enrich you with a stronger self-expression of your talents and potentials and that will give you satisfaction and joy.

I wish you a wonderful month, aloha and many blessings Shakti.

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A Virgo New Moon Teams Up with Mercury

Monday, September 6th, 2010
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The New Moon and Full Moon events are often thought as almost magical points in the evolution of the Moon throughout the month. Depending on their position in the zodiac sign they shed a specific light onto inner processes and give us a potentially different perspective. While the New Moon is the conclusion of one circle of energy it also opens up a new chapter.

With the Full Moon that new theme is fully exposed in the full light and moves towards the conclusion in the next New Moon. It is a beautiful dance of birthing, ripening and integration.

New Moon in Virgo September 8

And of course Full Moon and New Moon are always in opposing signs. The last Full Moon was in Pisces with an invitation to deepen our inner connection with the divine and strengthen our spiritual roots as well as confronting health issues, mysterious illnesses bases on toxicity and poison. Now with the New Moon in Virgo we are asked to come to a conclusion with the balance of the mundane and the spiritual in our lives. There is the need to use the logical mind of Virgo which is so finely tuned to details and skillful functioning in the physical world. It is important to find your place in the bigger scheme of things and contribute with your unique gifts only you have to share.

Virgo is very generous as a healer and good friend and feels best sharing his skills. A good time to ask yourself the questions:

•    What is my specific gift?
•    Am I generous with myself and others?
•    How do I contribute to life?
•    Where could I use more order in my life?
•    Do I have unfinished business I need to tend to?

If you read my article about the Full Moon in Pisces you remember the case I made to take responsibility for your own health into your own hands. This theme continues with the Sun and Mercury still in Virgo. Mercury is staying for almost 2 month in this health conscious sign instead of the usual 3 to 4 weeks.

The trine of this New Moon with Pluto in Capricorn helps you to see yourself clearer and inspires to take more responsibility for your body, the temple of the soul.

Retrograde Mercury Turning Direct Again September 12

The mythic messenger of the gods helps you to become more aware and conscious about your present condition and empowers you to make decisions and take appropriate action towards that goal. Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of your goal and feel paralyzed to even get started. The trick is to chunk it down into smaller pieces and reward yourself along the way. If you already enjoy the process you don’t have to wait till the elusive reaching of the finishing line to feel good.

Loosing Weight with Virgo is Easier

For example if you want to loose weight, that is a big and often intimidating goal and often we do not believe that we are actually able to pull it off. You might have tried all kinds of diets or even fasting with no lasting results. Some of my middle age girl friends have given up and pacify themselves with saying it is all menopausal. Maybe what you need is a whole different and fresh approach? Maybe the hormones are only part of the picture? Maybe you have just accumulated so much toxicity in your body over the years that it shows up in middle age or even earlier?

If you want to loose weight and chunk it down into smaller pieces you might end up with a plan that says:

•    Educate yourself about the underlying causes for gaining weight (like storing toxins in your fat to keep the body functioning) I recommend Dr. Sherry Rogers books.
•    Determine your blood type and find out which is in general the appropriate and healthy diet for you (Blood Type Diet)
•    Check out your vitamin and mineral levels and determine your deficiencies (
•    Check out your burden of heavy metals
•    Refrain from any kind of processed food for a month and see how you feel
•    Eat more raw fruits, vegetables, sea weeds and cooked whole grains
•    Half your sugar intake, use raw agave or honey instead
•    Acquire an Infra Red Sauna, speed up your metabolism to get toxins out and loose your fat layers
•    Do a regiment of colon cleanses or daily coffee enemas
•    Find a way to exercise in a way you actually like doing. Join a dance class, go for walks with your friends or your dog; find something that actually works for you.

Obviously this list can go on and on. I just want to inspire you to make your own and get started. After a while the momentum will carry you and you will feel so good that you will be more then motivated to keep it going. If you choose to reward yourself along the way you will enjoy the process even more. You could go and get a massage or do a little shopping and find something to beautify yourself and feel really good.

Jupiter Back into Pisces September 8

Also Jupiter backs into Pisces a few hours after the New Moon and will be there until January 2011, staying within 3 degrees of Uranus in Pisces. Optimistic Jupiter represents faith, expansion, wisdom and abundance but can go overboard into hubris and extravagance. Jupiter in Pisces invites us for deeper introspection into the hidden non physical realms, the more subtle dimensions shaping life. Thoughts are also non physical to begin with but they shape your life and become manifested into the physical realm.

You can find deep fulfillment and joy with this constellation if you allow yourself to slow down and find time to smell the roses, meditate and sit with a cup of tea and contemplate.

Venus Dives into Scorpio September 8

With Saturn in the relationship sign Libra we already have to take a deeper look at the dynamics in our relationships. With Venus now moving into Scorpio we might encounter some hidden layers of our needs and instinctual drive for survival, sex and power. Maybe somebody tries to dominate you or an overdue relationship resolves itself. Scorpio always forces us to be honest at least with ourselves about our true motivation of doing things.

The goddess of love asks you to be very honest about your primary relationship as well as your friends in general. When Mars is joining Venus in Scorpio next week there might be some fire works to deal with.

I believe it is crucial to discriminate with wisdom what you can impact and change in the part of the world that is within your reach. If you strive for your best lived life, keep transforming the world a little bit at a time you can be extremely powerful and a force for good. You are making a difference! Be the light you want to see in the world! Start with yourself and be as healthy and joyful as you can be!

I hope you enjoyed this article, aloha and many blessings, Shakti.

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Shakti Carola Navran
has been an astrological coach, jeweler, spiritual teacher and healer for over 30 years. Her practice spans hypnotherapy, meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and healing with gemstones. She creates beautiful jewelry for the soul and spirit at her studio on Maui, Hawaii. She has written many articles and is the author of the book Jewelry & Gems for Self Discovery: Choosing Gemstones that Delight the Eye & Strengthen the Soul.

In her book she teaches you about astrology and how to read the blue print of your own chart. If you know where your challenges are, you can then take steps to support or balance yourself with your 12 personal healing gemstones, those enchanting allies to raise your frequency and experience more joy. Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery is a treasure chest of ideas about Soul Jewelry; on how to select, purchase, and wear jewelry that will enhance your body, heart, mind, and soul.

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