Lunar Impressions With a Cancer Full Moon Jan 8 and an Aquarius New Moon Jan 22

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Over the last few months, everyone has been impacted by the worldwide situation and the economical roller coaster, even if only emotionally. The morphogenetic field of consciousness is connecting us all into oneness. Each one of us is growing and adjusting in our personal journey and is feeding back into that collective field of human consciousness.  In that way, you and I are making a profound difference in the bigger picture and some of us are even called to do more than others.

In an astrological reading we can see how the individual is touched by the transits of Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune. These planets are the culprits, symbolizing the profound changes happening at this crucial time on this planet. Knowing what is going on for you personally, looking at it from a higher perspective, will help you to better adjust and consciously choose better ways to deal with the situation. Depending on which planet is impacting you the most will determine whether the highest frequency of your contribution is that of a rebellious spirit, an accomplished organizer, a spiritual guide or teacher.

But with the Full Moon in Cancer, we know for sure that all the moms are the ones holding the heart and spirit of the family in their hands, nourishing against all odds and setting the emotional tone. Are you allowing fear or love to rule your everyday experience? FEAR can be translated as “false evidence appearing real.” Do you remember how much energy you have given in the past to worrying about something in your life which has actually turned out okay after all?

So the question is: how can you best support yourself to act from a place of love and faith instead of fear? I believe by building community, a strong support system between friends and your extended family, you are doing the most good for yourself and others. This Full Moon in Cancer highlights the interplay between the inner and outer realities, your emotional perception of the world and the reflection in the outer world around you. Cancer is representing the feminine, nourishing qualities of the Great Mother, the matrix of creation.

By focusing on solutions in your life instead of worries and fears or the problems you perceive, you are using the “Law of Attraction” to your highest benefit.

With the next lunar cycle starting this month with the New Moon in Aquarius we will receive a new download of evolutionary energies, new ideas and cutting edge thoughts and breakthroughs. The image of the Water Bearer, symbolizes the pouring forth of inspiration from a higher source, bringing in a higher consciousness available to the collective.  This New Moon initiates us into a new level of breakdowns and breakthroughs.

With Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius residing in Aries for the next 7 years, you are invited to develop courage in the face of all odds, believing into your dreams and fighting for your highest vision. This Arian Uranus is a warrior for freedom and progress, a passionate hero for the less fortunate and an inspiring role model for the new millennium, the new age dawning. Change is in the air and actually happening pretty rapidly and you are a part of it! How exciting is that?

Shakti Carola Navran is an evolutionary astrologer and published author. In her 33-year astrological practice she reads the psycho-dynamic information of your chart in the karmic perspective of the evolution of your soul , which adds a deeply meaningful frame.

Call her for more information at 808.878.8182 Hawaiian Time

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